Interview with Runner and Coach Kate Underwood

Interview with Runner and Coach Kate Underwood

Kate Underwood, Associate Head Coach at Brown’s Gymnastics
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Today, we're excited to introduce you to Kate Underwood, an Associate Head Coach at Brown’s Gymnastics in Las Vegas and mom, who found her running groove in an unexpected turn of life events. At 5’6 and 123lbs, Kate shares her unique running journey, her love for our FlipMits, and tips for balancing a hectic lifestyle with fitness goals.

Breaking the tape

From Walking to Racing

Kate's entrance into the world of running was a story of timing and determination. Post-retirement from her college diving career, she explored various sports, but running wasn't the obvious choice due to health concerns. Fast forward to the Covid-19 pandemic, Kate began walking, which gradually morphed into jogging and eventually, competitive running. "Within the next year my mile time dropped from 12 min, to 9, to a current 6:56 PR," she beams.

Running for Mental Peace

Not just a physical challenge, running brings a sense of calm and peace to Kate's busy life. "There's something a little magical about running into the sunrise. It just makes everything feel ok and hopeful," she explains.

Motivation to Run

But what drives her on those days when running seems like a chore? "The satisfaction of accomplishment. Even a bad run feels better than no run. It helps clear my mind and better focus for the rest of the day," Kate shares.

Navigating Challenges

For Kate, running has also brought some unique challenges. She suffers from Reynaud's phenomenon, a condition causing her fingers to turn white in the cold due to restricted blood flow. Traditional gloves weren't quite the solution. But FlipMits, with their innovative design, have made a substantial difference for her, ensuring that even winter runs are comfortable and enjoyable. As Kate says, they've been a "life and finger saver." Despite this challenge, Kate is more focused on finding her way to more podium finishes. 

The Balancing Act

Managing her training amidst a busy schedule is all about discipline and planning for Kate. She highlights the joy of running in new places but reminds us of the importance of ensuring the area's safety. With all her kids now in college, she's been finding more time to dedicate to her own personal fitness.

FlipMits Fits In

As a runner, having the right gear can significantly improve your experience. For Kate, our FlipMits have been a game-changer. "Easy access to phone and watch, simple flip to convert to mitten when needed. Warmer weather, they convert to a sweatband! Seriously the most versatile and well-made glove I’ve ever owned. Washable too! And OMG this new pink color! 💗💗💗."

Future Goals

Entering her 5th decade she wants to continue to challenge herself and inspire others. So what's next on Kate's running journey? Running with the Devil.

No typos there. That is a 50K, in the Mojave Dessert. In June. 

"I believe if your goals don't scare you they’re not big enough," she proclaims.

Let's cheer her along as she continues to tackle new exciting new challenges and join her incredible journey here.