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Sent back. Wrong size .

Fantastic but size up if they are for running

I find these fabulous. I originally bought a pair in my correct size (medium) which fit really well except when in mitten mode because there is not enough fabric to cover my hands and my fists need to be in a tight clench. When I run, I have 'loose' hands and not tight fists. I sized up and this is much better so that there is enough fabric to cover my hands. They are a bit wide around the wrists, but I find that by folding the wrist hem over, it makes them firmer on my wrist. I find I wear them in mitten mode for about ten minutes of running and then flip them back. With the extra fabric, they almost cover my fingers but allow in enough air so that my hands are not hot. After about half an hour of running, I then fold them back and after an hour of running, I turn them into sweat bands. This versatility has been ideal for my distance running and saves me having to carry my running gloves when I warm up.

Love them!

Got the wrong size so will be re-ordering, but even though a little small they are awesome - I wear them in the mornings while going on my walks, driving and even just around the house and using my laptop on the particularly cold days. The fabric is good quality and feels nice against my skin. Being able to flip the finger mit means I don’t have to take my whole glove off if I need to use my phone etc. I have had lots of admiring comments from others. I would love to see some variations - more colour options and I would buy a thicker warmer pair if they were available for those frosty mornings here in NZ.

Fabulous Flipmit's

Excellent quality, fit and innovative style

Highly recommended for runners esp Zone 2 training

Highly recommend this flipmit. Been a saviour during those slow easy runs combined with beanie. Once I warm up I turn the mitt to a glove and eventually sweatband. As I cooldown I reverse the process. It allows me to stay in training heart zone 2 easier without running faster into tempo pace to warmup quicker

Really good, but quite expensive for what it is

The product is great, but is quite overpriced.

Gary L.
Flip Sleeves Best for cooler weather

I believe that the flip sleeves will be ideal for Fall to Winter runs as it gets cold. Can use the sleeve to potentially wipe sweat off the head or face. During the summer time, the sleeves are a bit too thick and uncomfortable. The first 10 minutes I definitely felt warm. But after that I got use to the feeling of having it on.

I did really enjoy having the slot for the watch as I was able to review my time periodically. It did not move as I was running.

Overall, the flip sleeves were solid and comfortable, but would not recommend wearing it in warmer temperatures.

Good, But.....

I followed the sizing chart and thought a M would be long enough, but when I flip the mit over the wrist band rides too far up my wrist.

Quite good

This title from my husband is very high praise from a grumpy old man. He has been wearing them daily mostly while sitting at his computer.
I have used mine for running and also love them.

Very good product and innovative

Comfy and useful

Great for trail running - snot wipes, warm hands, holding poles without blisters etc. Love ‘em!

These Mits are the T*ts!

For starters, I run quite a bit. I’ve done over a dozen ultras now.
I’ve always carried sweat rags with me, usually kept them balled up in my hand, for 2 reasons. One being to wipe sweat away, and two to keep my hands dry incase I need to use my phone or gps at some point along the run. Which you can’t use a touch screen if you have sweat on your hands!
So, I seen these guys and had to try them!
So far I’ve only used them on a few 10 mile training runs, but they work awesome. They wick moisture better than the rags I’d been using, and they seem to dry out as I run so they’re not staying soaked like a rag does.

These guys get 5 Stars all day!

I like the right one, but the left one was constructed differently, the thumb seam is longer and the hand portion much narrower than the other. My left hand is smaller than my right, so that wasn’t the problem. I compared the two Flipmits, and the are simply different from each other.

Perfect for the colder morning runs

I love my new FLIPMITS. They allow for all temps and are a saviour for the cold morning runs. I love that you can choose how you want to wear then and they feel amazing. Wish I had bought 2 pairs.

love em

wear them always, movies, home...terminally cold hands. Not anymore!!!!

so far.....yes!!!!

been cold enough that i wear them over my mittens for the extra layer and the sweat band/ nose wipe that they provide....and when i didn’t measure correctly and originally ordered the wrong size .....customer service made the return and reorder really easy :~]oh...and since my hands always seem to be flip mits will be a staple into the summer:~>


They work really good they keep my hands dry waking .

samuel p.j.
cannot get enough of these

Any color...doesn't matter. I LOVE THESE FLIPMITS!!!!!

so far so good :~}

my hands get super cold and right now they are the perfect layer over my gloves to add that extra warmth i need without the bulk :~} and i originally ordered the wrong size....the customer service was super helpful :~]

Flip mits- purple

I love the fabric and the color!! They re super comfy and true to size. I will be wearing these for my early morning winter runs as well as my hot summer runs so that I can soak them in the river to cool off!


Love these freakin things. I never need a jacket, just keep my hands warm. Problem solved.

Fit mits

Love them!

Great idea

This will do exactly what I needed to do. Very nice material. They just run a little small.

Double the weight- double the fun

The heavies pack a punch! Such an awesome product. Now o can use them in every season!

Received two different sizes, exchange process has been completed, thanks!

Had an issue with first delivery and they fixed it as fast as they could, customer service was polite and responsive.

Hi Jason,

We are sorry we sent you mismatch Flipmits. I don't know if you saw, but our originals are on backorder, and we sent you an email on April 1st notifying you offered to change for a different color, but never heard back. We can still do that. Otherwise the Original color is due to our facility this week and will ship to you by the weekend at the lasted.

Sincerley, Matt