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They fit great, very comfortable.

They Alright

They are soft and keep your wrist and hands warm while stylishly giving you access to your thumbs and fingers without the annoying interlacing between the fingers. I wear them every day now and may purchase more at another time.

So comfortable!

Getting another pair for sure in another color

Game Changer

I'm autistic and have sensory issues. I really the feeling of having a shirt with the thumb holes but find that they often pull and hurt my hand, they are typically very warm, and they tend to be expensive. These solve that. Sometimes I wear them literally all day. I can type great with them which is nice for work. The fabric is great, super soft. I have them in 2 colors, might buy more. Thanks FLIPMITS!

Pink Punch for the win

Not only is this color absolutely fantastic, but it’s on my favorite running accessory! I run every run with these, warm, cold, etc. I have raynauds syndrome in my hands and now I don’t worry when I leave for a run. Easy access to my watch and phone as well! Fabric is soft and comfortable! 10/10 recommend!

A Surprise for Me and My Daughter

I have arthritis thanks to Long Covid and have tried a number of compression gloves to help the pain in my wrists and fingers. I ordered a pair of FlipMits on a whim and was very pleasantly surprised at the quality, fit, and effectiveness of them in bringing my hands comfort. The adjustability of the design is great to focus compression and warmth where I need it most. I let my daughter, who is unfortunately beginning to suffer from the same problem, try mine on and she fell in love - so I immediately ordered her a pair and a second pair for myself. Thank you so much for a great product.

cool items

I now wear these, like, all the time... so

Flipped for FlipMits

These are the best convertible gloves I’ve ever owned. Soft, warm, and perfect for my outdoor runs! Easy access to my watch and phone.
The purple color is so pretty too!

As Advertised...

I wasn’t sure what to expect regarding functionality when I ordered these, mainly for morning runs when it’s cold for the first mile or so. I’m happy to share that they worked great. I started in the ‘extended’ mode where the mit covered my entire hand and fingers, then eventually I pulled them back a bit more, and finally, there were sort of like wristbands, which came in handy for wiping sweat and snot. Comfortable and easy to change from mode to mode, I’m definitely happy with my purchase. I plan to buy another pair so I can wash one while the other is ready to go. I’d love to see a version of these with reflective material for dusk or night running.

Totally love them

Yeah, I totally love them so far. That's all I've got :)

Daniel D.B.
Great for backpacking

I gave these Mit’s a try after seeing an ad pop up in my Instagram feed. They worked perfectly, keeping my hands warm enough in temperatures around the 20’s and 30’s Fahrenheit. Then when things warmed up I just rolled them back out of the way and I didn’t even know they were there. We will se how they hold up after a few more hikes with trekking poles. I really like them.

helpful for my cold hands

These are great for me. Helpful in managing my daily life with Raynaud's phenomenon in my hands. I wasn't sure of sizing so I bought both medium and large. I found that the large pair I bought is more comfortable. I just ordered more colors in large. I think you should definitely size up if you are between sizes or unsure. I wish they made larger sizes, because my husband would have liked a pair. The large is too small for him.

Great Product

This is a great product. It arrived quickly exactly as described.

Totally digging them!

Loving the versatility! Being able to get quick access to my fingers is great!


Great gloves and even better customer service!!!!

My gloves are amazing. I have psa and my hands are always cold. Thiese gloves are warm and actually a bit supportive. I bought 2 pairs and one ripped down the seam as soon as I put it on. They replaced them immediately. LOVE MY FLIPMITS!!!!

Caitlin S.
Love them

I love them! Wish I had them over the winter! I will definitely be buying more! Shipping was so fast!

Antonio P.
Love them!!!

Awesome because they are very practical. Unfortunately the stitching is coming loose. Not a difficult fix but shouldn’t be Iike that out of the box.


Thanks for the review! Sorry to hear the threads are pulling out. We are working on our quality control process, but sometimes a faulty glove can make it through. When they do, we have have you covered. You can make an exchange at this link:

cool product, scratchy tag!

i've been enjoying my flipmits since they arrived! i got them as a hand warmer for when im working (i've tried short fingered gloves, but nothing is thin enough between my fingers for keyboard typing) and these flipmits have really done the trick! they cover up most of my hand, and while it's not super warm it definitely helps on those really chilly days. and best of all i'm still able to type freely while these are on!

overall i really like how flexible these are. easy to roll up out of the way when you don't need them, then they're there when temps drop and you want to cover up cold fingers.

my single biggest complain is the label on the cuff is very stiff and scratchy at the edges, it's super uncomfortable on my arm! i've started rolling over the cuff so the label doesn't touch my skin, and that helps quite a bit. it's a cool looking tag, but jeez much ouch!

the small size was still a little big for my lady hands, but they work well enough. haven't washed them yet, so not sure if they'll snug up after a wash/dry - we shall see.

hey flipmits, why don't you guys have this tech integrated into a shirt? seems like that would be the natural evolution of things!

Hey Alex, Thanks for the positive review!

We would love to help with your scratching issue. If the tag is bothering you, it is quite easy to remove. You can use a seam ripper to take it off in about 90 seconds. They cost about $6 on Amazon. Here is a link to one.

Timmothid O.
Amazing product - just try them!

Honestly when i first saw these, i kinda had a feeling i'd love them ... but once i got them, they did more for me than i had initially thought they might... they're a very practical addition to your wardrobe for really any occasion, if you ask me. They add that nice layer of warmth to your hands, whereas most of us simply get "used to" having cold appendages and maybe dont care for the feeling or impracticality of a full glove. Moreso, the psychological comfort these tend to provide as well was what sort of caught me off guard when i finally tried them on. Buying these is an act of self-love, cuz it really feels like youre holding your own hands when youre wearing them. Just wish they made a medium size 😉

Most versatile glove ever!

Ever since I got my Flipmits, I'm wearing them constantly! Perfect for a cold day or just when you're feeling a little extra chilled at home. If you're on the fence, just go for it!

Love these

I spend my weekend in cold, dark, dirty barns running agility with my dog. Most of the time, I need my fingers but when I don't it's great to be able to cover them up. My only complaint about these is that the large are way too big on me and the small barely cover my knuckles and aren't big enough to reach to the end of my fingertips even in full cover mode. I really would like the small to have an extra 3/4 inch of material. Photo of me bar setting (sitting along the sidelines, ready to reset obstacles dogs knock down), with nice warm hands.

So good

They’re my new favorite… whether walking the dog or as liners under bigger gloves…. My go to

Very good out of the box

Wore them for the first time on a sloppy 3 hour trail race on 3/4/23. They worked perfectly. Because of the weather and the rain, my hands alternated between comfortable and cold and it was nice just to pull and flip these up and down. The only design change I would suggest is rather than being designed to slide the mitt up the arm to use them as wristband, you could tweak them to actually ‘flip’ the hand coverings back over themselves so that the wrist elastic stays in the same place. It would be an easier motion and that’s what I ended up doing a lot anyway. However, I do understand why they aren’t designed that way. You would potentially get the inside of the glove dirty and wet before you flipped them back down. But that is also the case for the ‘mitt’ portion as designed, so that potential issue already exists. However, these work perfectly as they are designed and intended, so 5 stars across the board!!

Very well made and well designed

I am very happy with my Flipmits. They are warm, comfortable and the design is very versatile.