The Case for the Indoor Glove

The Case for the Indoor Glove

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Do you suffer from cold hands? If so, you're not alone. Millions of people around the world experience the same problem. In this blog post, we will discuss the case for the indoor glove. We'll explore why so many of us have cold hands indoors and what we can do to remedy the situation. Whether you're looking for a cozy fleece to keep your hands warm or freedom to move without gloves, Flipmits has you covered!


The Problem:

The first step to solving the cold hand problem is understanding why it occurs. Drafty rooms, natural predisposition, and health-related conditions such as anemia or diabetes can all be contributors. If you suffer from cold hands due to a specific work location or a medical condition, it's important to seek help from your doctor for the best relief.

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The Solution:

When it comes to remedying cold hands, the best solution is a pair of indoor gloves. Indoor gloves are designed to provide just enough warmth without being overly bulky or restricting movement. Flipmits Open Finger Mittens are the perfect option for keeping your hands warm and allowing you to move freely between tasks. The cozy fleece material adds just the right amount of warmth while still allowing your hands to breathe.

The Upgrade

Want to stay just a little bit warmer without an extra sweater? You will be amazed at what wearing Flipmits as wristbands will do in a chilly space. They help slow the heat release from long sleeve shirts and provide a nice touch of extra insulation around your wrist and forearm. It’s like a low-heat mode for your glove. 

The Wrap-Up

The case for indoor gloves is simple--they provide an easy solution to cold hands that doesn't limit mobility. Whether you suffer from cold hands due to a medical condition or simply don't like feeling chilly indoors, Flipmits open finger mittens offer an effective solution.