The Problem With Sweatbands

The Problem With Sweatbands

Let's get down to brass tacks. Sweatbands are fundamentally flawed. It's an accessory of last resort. Why? And why can't we do better? Or can we? Let's break it down. 

The problem with Sweatbands ...

Sweatbands are an iconic part of american culture. But they have not evolved since they were invented in the 1910's. They don't wash or wear well. They are essentially disposable because they all use the same type of terry cloth fabric. They get crunchy and lose their comfort and absorbency. And frankly, it's hard to wipe your sweat off with a forearm.

Introducing a sweatband that does more.

  • You can customize the sweatband to wear it long or short. Or reverse it. Or fold it.
  • You can wear a glove for dryer hands. And more control to wipe off the sweat.
  • Wear them as mittens to wipe your face inside the pocket. It's like a towel on the back of your hand. 

Unlike traditional sweatbands, our products are made from natural bamboo fleece, which is both highly absorbent and comfortable. Our sweatbands will keep you dry throughout your entire run, while also keeping the sweat away from your face and body. They are hypoallergenic and naturally anti-microbial.